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NC Gut Relief with Honey Chewables


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A great option for vegetarians. These great tasting tablets are a good option for when you are out and about.

NC Gut Relief with Honey Chewables is a science-based formulation of nutrients, herbs and prebiotics, developed to help assist and maintain good gut function.

With the addition of Quercertin to 

Help reduce free radical damage to body cells.

And the addition of glutamine to  

  1. Support gastrointestinal system health 
  2. Maintain healthy mucous linings of the digestive system 
  3. Support energy production

May contain: traces of gluten & soy

Contains: Menthol & sucralose

Pack Sizes: 60 Chewable Tablets

Storage: Store below 25°C in a dry place.

NC Gut Relief with Honey Chewables contains:

Ingredients 3 tablets 6 tablets
Curcumin (from Cumerone) 0.74 mg 1.49 mg
Glutamine 750 mg 1.5 g
Quercetin 210 mg 420 mg
Aloe vera leaf dry                                                   derived from Aloe vera leaf fresh 100.2 mg 200.4 mg
Ulmus rubra

(Slippery elm) inner stem bark powder

50.1 mg 100.2 mg
Guar Gum 9.99 mg 19.98 mg
Pectin 9.99 mg 19.98 mg
Diabasic sodium phosphate 9.99 mg 19.98 mg
Honey (Australian) 37.5 mg 75 mg
Chew 1-2 tablets three times per day, up to 6 tablets daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
May contain traces of gluten and soy. Please consult a health practitioner if pregnant, or breastfeeding. Contains menthol, sucralose and 2.9g of sugar alcohols may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare practitioner.

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